Apple Car Charger Kit White

incl. 1x Dual USB 5V 2.1A 1x APPLE/OEM Lightning Cable, 1x APPLE/OEM Dock Cable, 1x Micro USB Cable

Universal car charger with data cables.

The innovative charging option to go!


Included in the delivery:

-       Car Charger (1x USB with 1 Ampere, 1x USB with 2,1 Ampere)

-       Apple Lightning Cable

-       Apple 30-Pin Dock Cable

-       Micro-USB Cable


Compatible with the original.

Compatible with iOS 7 without error message!

Suitable for the following products:

Smartphone, Tablet, Digital Camera, MP3-Player, e-Book Reader, Navi, PDA, PSP… and much more!

Κωδικος κατασκευαστη: MD503ZM/A-OEM
ο κωδικος προιοντος: MD503ZM/A-OEM
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